The second year students were innovative when producing information videos through drones and 3D modeling. 

For their exams in the course Journalistic Mobile Applications the students from the University of Bergen made video projects. Both students and teachers were forced to push their own limits and tried to create something new and exciting. 
The project Gul 16 is the story of a German military aircraft in Herdla, outside Bergen. Using 3D programming and drones Kamilla Davidsen, Sven Ingar Frantzen, Christoffer Stoud Platou and Elin Johnson produced this video.
Through the video UIriken in the Future, Sara Stegane, Are Nyhammer, Wictor Sebastian Madsen and Arle Farsund Solheim sketched a modernizing of Mount Ulriken in the future.
Skjermbilde 2017-06-29 kl. 17.42.29
Would a football player be able to play on another planet? Check out this humorous program about gravitation made by Viljar Tornøe, Sebastian Overhang Larsen, Tor Inge Røttum and Erlend Løvfall here: