Presentations from the conference

The smartphone is the new Swiss Army Knife for media enthusiasts. Now that mojo storytelling and livestreaming are changing the premises for visual journalism,  we ask: what is happening at the forefront of mobile app development? How can visual mobile technologies be used for good? What can we and what can we not publish online, and how do we resolve new privacy issues raised by the smartphone revolution?

These were but some of the issues debated at the one-day-conference ”Mobile spotting in the media”, held at the University of Bergen on January 12, 2017. Over 150 participants consisting of journalists, media teachers, researchers and students attended the second annual ViSmedia conference held in the University aula.

The conference was filmed and can be watched in its entirety here on ViSmedia. During the conference, journalism students also filmed the conference through Snapchat, guided by keynote speaker Yusuf Omar. Their productions were published at the Institute of Information Science and Media studies’ Facebook page. The students tried out 360 video technology, made a Snapchat coverage of the event, and live-streamed Yusuf Omar’s presentation.


Anne Lise Fimreite – Prorector, UiB

Why mobile spotting in the media?

Astrid Gynnild – Project Leader, ViSmedia, UiB:

Yusuf Omar – Mobile editor, Hindustan Times

Social media for social good in the news; using Snapchat face filters to cover sexual abuse.

Jill Rettberg – Professor, UiB

Live stories in Snapchat – user and research dilemmas

Jon Wessel-Aas – Lawyer, Bing Hodneland Advokatselskap

Do’s and don’ts when publishing images and videos og people online: How to avoid the legal pitfalls

Lars Nyre – Professor, UiB

Facial recognition and manipulation of news images – an experiment

Panel discussion & Snapchat surprises

Yusuf Omar, mobile editor Hindustan Times
Deborah G. Johnson, professor of ethics, Univ. of Virginia
Jon Wessel-Aas, media lawyer and author
Jill Rettberg, professor of digital culture, University of Bergen
John Arne Markussen, editor-in-chief Dagbladet
Facilitator: Per Christian Magnus.